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My sight is unique and my mind creative. I live for moments of beautifully framed compositions and documenting the genuine moments in life. Since childhood it was clear I would always be a people person, but with camera in hand uneasy smiles practiced aside bedroom mirrors are replaced with authentic moments that can be treasured forever. No two people are the same; thats why my photographic style emphasizes individuality. I approach every session with a fresh perspective, hoping to highlight the subject's brightest attributes. Whatever the circumstance may be, photography will always be an enjoyable experience for me, and I look forward to serving all your photographic needs with enthusiasm and professional expertise.
Now my adult career, photography began as a manifestation of my beliefs. Humanitarianism runs through my veins, so its no surprise I combined the two. Capturing the determination of a cancer survivor, the suffrage of victims violated from Human Trafficking, the abrasive conditions of migrant work, or a smile of gratitude shown by Haitian children. The world always has the ability to change, but sometimes waits to be inspired. By documenting instances of fortitude or devistation, I believe photographs, my own included, can ignite the sparks powerful enough to change the world. It only takes inspiration, and sometimes a photograph is all the inspiration a person needs.